Brides Across the Country Are Furious at Kay Jewelers

From Country Living

If something were to happen to your engagement ring or wedding band, you'd be understandably upset. But what if something happened to it, and it wasn't your fault? You'd probably be as outraged as a group of frustrated brides who are claiming that Kay Jewelers lost or damaged their engagement rings, as Buzzfeed reports.

The jewelry company's Facebook page has recently blown up with more and more brides stepping forward to share their not-so-pleasant experiences with the retailer during inspections and resizing appointments.

With complaints of damaged stones, missing rings, and broken rings, here are some examples of the troubling accounts, all posted by real women on Kay Jewelers' Facebook page.

When this woman picked up her diamond ring after getting it resized, she noticed a feather in the diamond that wasn't there before, she says:

Similarly, this woman says there was an inclusion in her diamond that wasn't there when her husband picked out the ring:

Another poster claims her custom-designed diamond ring went missing, and when Kay Jewelers tried to replace it, they offered her a diamond worth much less than the original one the couple purchased:

This woman says she was given an engagement ring that didn't reflect the original design she requested:

And this woman claims the prongs broke and the diamonds fell out of her engagement ring:

A Kay Jewelers spokeswoman commented on the complaints to BuzzFeed, saying the following:

"As part of our dedication to our guests, we provide inspections on jewelry under warranty every six months. Guests are required to bring in the proper paperwork to be validated at each inspection so that we can be sure that we are keeping an accurate record of service. Upon completion of inspection, each guest will receive an inspection record document that they are able to take with them and keep with the original guarantee paperwork."

As of right now, the jewelry company has issued no further comments and Kay Jewelers' reps have not made any remarks about policy changes at their store.