Bride-to-be uses twin to her model wedding dress so she can see it from 'all the angles': 'Modern problems require modern solutions'

One of the perks of being an identical twin is switching places. This twin and bride-to-be used the trick in a clever way.

TikTok twins and basketball players Jenn and LeeAnne Wirth post content about their unique bond. Jenn is engaged to Corey Kispert, a basketball player for the NBA’s Washington Wizards. When Jenn shopped for a wedding dress, she asked LeeAnne for the assist to make sure the gown was a slam dunk.

“POV you make your twin try on wedding dresses at your appointment so you can see how they look on you from all the angles,” the video text read.

LeeAnne modeled a potential wedding dress for Jenn so that she could see it from all sides.

The video racked up 3.7 million views on TikTok.

“Modern problems require modern solutions,” someone wrote.

“My twin and I did this she was deciding between two different dresses. I put one on and she put the other on,” another commented.

“My twin will try on clothes while shopping when I’m not in the mood,” a person said.

“I took my twin shopping when I was pregnant so I could see how things would fit after I had the baby,” a TikTok replied.

“I’ve never wished I was a twin more,” a user joked.

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