Bride-to-Be Dumps Her Bridesmaids for the Most Offensive Reason

This is a really terrible reason to dump a bridesmaid. (Photo: Getty)
This is a really terrible reason to dump a bridesmaid. (Photo: Getty Images)

If you’ve ever been asked to be a bridesmaid, you’ll know that it can be either one of the most exciting or terrible moments of your life.

For some, it can be an honor that your friend has asked you to accompany her on her big day down the aisle, but for others it means shelling out money for an ugly dress and multiple events.

However, this woman has relayed perhaps the most bizarre and disturbing bridesmaid horror story of them all on a Reddit thread.

The woman, who revealed only that she is 27 years old and goes by the name throwittothewolves60 on the forum, claimed she and her friend were asked to be their best friend’s bridesmaids, but the bride turned around and dumped them from her bridal party when she saw what they looked like in their dresses.

“I just discovered that my (27F) friend (28F) removed me and another friend (27F) as bridesmaids because she didn’t like how our dark skin looked in the bridesmaid dresses,” she shared in a post on the forum.

She also revealed that she was initially told she couldn’t be a bridesmaid because there weren’t enough groomsmen, but she soon found out the real truth.

“A month after the wedding, one of the bridesmaids was venting to me about how the bride still hadn’t paid for the catering that her boyfriend did and how angry she was about it,” she said.

“During this conversation, she casually lets it slip that the real reason we were removed from the wedding was because I (South Asian) and my friend (Black) had dark skin, and she preferred how the dresses looked on pale skin. I still haven’t told the other removed bridesmaid about this revelation.”

People on Reddit rushed to vent their anger at the bride for removing two of her bridesmaids at the last minute and for such a seemingly racist reason.

“Well, at least you know how superficial this woman is before you waste any more of your energy on her,” one commenter said.

“This is not a friend you want to have. My friend is a professional power lifter and looked like a ridiculous baby gorilla crammed into my groomsman’s outfit. Didn’t make an ounce of difference because he’s my friend and I wanted him beside me,” another wrote.

One offered some pretty wise advice: “So … call your friend. Flat out ask if this is true. If you get any sense at all that it is … wow. That is not a friend. Anyone who chooses appearance over friendship is not a real friend.”

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