Bride slams parents over ‘unfortunate’ reason for skipping her wedding: ‘incredibly selfis

A woman wanted to know if she had a good reason to skip her stepdaughter’s wedding and took to Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum for answers. The stepmother and father made the difficult decision to not attend the wedding due to a dental surgery unexpectedly scheduled two weeks before. “The original plan was for my husband and I to drive there 2 days in advance, stay with them in their little apartment with them and their three kids under 6,” she wrote. The woman said her stepdaughter had a history of inviting them over and skipping out, for days sometimes, to trick them into watching her kids. Although they had plans to attend the wedding, the bride’s father had an intense dental surgery a month ago and when it didn’t work, his doctor said he would need another. “I pressed for my husband to take it because of the agony he’s in,” the stepmother said. Reddit certainly didn’t think this stepmother was being wicked. “We’re in a pandemic and having a 100+ person wedding and whining when your elderly parents don’t want to come due to health concerns is incredibly selfish,” one user commented