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Bride singing her own Elvis processional makes her groom break down in tears

Elvis Presley’s “Can’t Help Falling in Love” is an undeniably romantic song. When Jason Thurman heard it coming through the speakers as he waited at the altar last month, he thought his bride had made a good choice in using a cover sung by a woman as she walked down the aisle. Then he realized it was no recording but wife-to-be Allison Dyer singing as she came toward him.

“I saw the mic in her hand, and she was singing, and at that moment, the floodgates opened up,” he tells Yahoo Lifestyle, explaining why he’s doubled over at the beginning of a video that has gone viral, receiving almost 6 million views since the Oct. 14 wedding of Allison and Jason in Hillsboro, Ky. “It was a complete surprise. I was really flattered.”

Not that he was surprised by her talent, mind you. Allison and Jason, who met in church when they were 14, travel to sing and play at other churches. “People call and ask for her to sing, and I’m usually the one behind her,” he said.

“I just kind of thought, maybe it would be different to sing at my wedding because there are not a lot of people that do that,” Allison tells Yahoo.

Photo: courtesy of Allison Dyer
Photo: courtesy of Allison Dyer

Jason recalls when Allison showed him a YouTube video of a girl doing a similar Elvis cover a year before the wedding. Little did he know what she would wind up doing with it. As she planned this special performance, she was almost certain she would ruin the surprise somehow, especially since their sound guy was the best man. But everyone kept Jason in the dark.

She did give him a little hint before the wedding: “I told him that if he didn’t cry, I was going to turn around and do it all over again.” That’s why his reaction is her favorite part of the video.

Jason said the song itself has some meaning for them both.

Photo: courtesy of Allison Dyer
Photo: courtesy of Allison Dyer

“Allison comes from a place where she used to be in an abusive relationship, and to know that someone like me could change that for her is absolutely extraordinary,” he says.

“I didn’t want a relationship [when we met],” she admits, “but I knew God was telling me he was the one, so I took a leap of faith.”

Photo: courtesy of Allison Dyer
Photo: courtesy of Allison Dyer

The Thurmans are just 18, but they’ve been together for four years and are devoted to their church and each other. “We don’t have to worry about falling out of love or anything like that,” Allison says. “We’re best friends, and we love each other.”

Allison, who’s studying secretarial work in college, doesn’t really want to make a career out of music.

“In my opinion, if you start doing something that you love as a career … you’re going to get unfocused on things that really matter,” she explained, though she said she loves performing in churches and would like to record her music. “It’s just kind of an on-the-side kind of thing.”

When Yahoo Lifestyle asked Jason about taking their act beyond church, however, he sounded more enthusiastic, particularly after seeing the response to their wedding video.

“Lately, we thought about putting some of her singing on there to see how far they can go with it,” he said. “I know a lot of people like her style of voice.”

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