Bride shocks guests by inviting ‘pandemic wedding couples’ to finally have their first dances: ‘This is so sweet’

A heartwarming wedding moment dubbed “selfless and beautiful” happened recently. A Toronto bride called on all couples who missed their newlywed first dances because of the COVID-19 pandemic to join her on the dance floor.

Captured and shared by husband-wife team Henry and Joanie of HenjoFilms (@henjofilms), a Toronto-based wedding videography company, the moment of many first dances quickly went viral.

“​​The last thing I wanted to do tonight, which is really important to me because we almost didn’t have a wedding … I would like all of our pandemic wedding couples to please rise, [and] please would you take the floor,” the bride said. “There are many couples in this room who got married during the pandemic and did not get the opportunity to have a first dance on our dance floor.”

Several couples took their places on the dance floor. And just in case there was any confusion about what should happen next, the bride also gestured to them all and turned the mic back on to announce: “Y’all gotta dance now!”

Set to Taylor Swift’s “Lover,” HenjoFilms seemed to absolutely nail capturing the moment as the guests and newlyweds swayed on the dance floor together, gazing lovingly into each other’s eyes.

The sweet moment attracted kudos all around, but many pandemic couples and brides also chimed into the comment section to leave their thoughts about what a truly thoughtful gesture the invitation was.

“I would be crying!! My wedding was canceled by my venue 3 months before,” wrote @lexikiss26.

“As a pandemic couple I love this!!” commented @allisonwilson28.

“As a pandemic bride this is so sweet,” agreed @just_liketeezus.

“Wow! I had a pandemic wedding this is sooo thoughtful!!!!!!!!” added @thatshernameleah.

To grasp just how meaningful the moment was, one worldwide survey of 6,000 respondents found that the pandemic had canceled a staggering 82% of weddings planned for April 2020. Additionally, canceled weddings ranked at 11% in the surrounding months.

The pandemic altered many aspects of life. But the comment section of just one video alone showcases how deeply that loss affected those who planned weddings or continued with ceremony plans that looked far different than they had originally dreamed of.

“I still haven’t recovered from the loss of my wedding day March 28 2020,” wrote @momthighsandwitchvibes.

Commenters also shared other thoughtful ways that newlyweds have invited others to share in special moments during wedding celebrations. For instance, one commenter described how a bride she knew had lost her father. So she invited all of the fathers and daughters in attendance to have a “daddy-daughter” dance with her instead.

Another shared that her friend had given her and her husband the entire dance floor so they could have an official first dance.

“My best friend did this for my husband and I,” explained @a_lizzard_. “We just wanted the song and they had the whole dance floor cleared for us. Forever grateful to her.”

As touching as the moment was, the commenters also seemed to share the common sentiment that no matter what the future may hold for the bride and groom who selflessly decided to share their own special day with their friends and family, it’s an incredible way to start out a marriage together.

“What a beautiful moment,” wrote @_rizz_val. “I hope they have a blessed marriage. So so sweet.”

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