Bride outraged by sister’s decision to skip her ‘redo’ wedding: ‘Gross and entitled’

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A woman wants to ditch her big sister’s second wedding but the rest of her family doesn’t support her decision. 

She took to Reddit’s “Am I the A******” to share what went down during the first wedding. After being hostile to her bridesmaids, the bride felt out-staged by other family members who required medical attention at the ceremony. 

“My sister got married six years ago,” the user wrote. “The wedding did not go quite as planned so she and her husband have decided they want a redo and are planning to have their wedding late next year. I was her bridesmaid/kinda maid of honor with one of her friends and she treated me like s***.”

At the time the user was a young college student and didn’t speak up much. 

“The only time I really called my sister out was when she raged at me for not paying off the dress the same day as the others,” the woman said. “I had told her before that my payments would be a little late with me being a struggling college student and all that but instead of either changing her mind about me being her bridesmaid or offering to pay and I could pay her back, she spoke to me like a disobedient child in front of her friends and the ladies at the store.” 

The first wedding also had some other unexpected turns. 

“At her wedding, one of our cousins had a medical emergency followed by our brother’s girlfriend going into labor,” the little sister explained. “I bore the brunt of her anger that day and afterward, she got pissy with our brother’s girlfriend for taking the spotlight from her and now they don’t talk and she doesn’t know our nephew. So when she asked me again I told her no. She wanted a reason. I told her to reflect on how she treated me at her last wedding and left it there.”

Reddit thought the older sister was a bridezilla.

“I think it’s gross and entitled,” one user wrote

“Your sister sounds exhausting,” another said

“This is so ridiculous,” someone said

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