Bride isn’t sure if she should invite ‘frenemy’ to her wedding: ‘Don’t waste your invite’

A bride-to-be isn’t sure if she should invite an old friend to her wedding.

She asked Reddit’s “Wedding” forum to weigh in. The bride-to-be has known this woman for 15 years, and they’re co-workers. But a few years ago, the Reddit poster realized the friendship was toxic and pulled away. However, the old friend still believes the relationship is intact.

“We use to go on breaks together everyday for 6 years, but I eventually faded the relationship. Long story short, she was taking advantage of my kindness and crossed boundaries,” the bride-to-be wrote.

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“She was more of a frenemy and it had a negative affect on my self-esteem. I never told her I was done with our close friendship because we still had to work together. I strategically went low contact.”

Now she isn’t sure if she should invite the woman to the wedding. But she worries about hurting the former friend, which could interfere with work.

Redditors told her not to invite the frenemy because it just wasn’t worth it.

“I would not invite her over someone I’m closer to. If she were to question me, I’d explain that we had a very limited guest list,” a user wrote.

“It’s such an emotional intimate day there is no room for people who impact your emotions negatively!” a person commented.

“Don’t waste your invite on this kind of person,” someone added.

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