Bride feels unimpressed with makeup artist's $300 look: 'I left'

Sometimes, you get what you pay for — and sometimes, you don’t.

From the moment TikToker @simply.haleyyy left the makeup artist’s studio, she was unsatisfied. It wasn’t that the look was bad — it just wasn’t glamorous enough for her wedding day. Not to mention, the service wasn’t cheap.

“Throwback to when I paid $300 for my bridal make to look like this immediately after I left the studio,” the video text said.

The makeup artist gave her a soft cat wing and a clean “no-makeup” look. However, the bride didn’t think it was enough to justify the hefty price tag.

She explained in the comment section that she’s a “perfectionist.” While she would have done her own makeup, she didn’t want to stress about it on her wedding day.

People understood why she wasn’t impressed with the serviceable look.

“That would be quite nice if you did that yourself on Sunday evening,” a user wrote.

“It doesnt look bad but that would take you 5 minutes to do yourself,” someone said.

“There’s a subtle art to bridal, you have to make heavier makeup appear natural. (Heavy bc it’s gotta last literally all day!)” a person added.

“It’s soft & flawless, but I do it in 10 mins with expired makeup so I get your point,” a TikToker commented.

“It’s super cute but I can’t believe she made you pay $300 for a light ‘everyday’ look,” another replied.

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