Bride ditches bridesmaid because she 'can't have fat people in my wedding pictures'

What would it take for you to dump a bridesmaid just before your wedding day?

Running off with your husband-to-be? Inviting your ex-boyfriend as their plus one? What about if they gained “at least 20 kilos (44 pounds)” and were struggling to fit into their dress?

Bad bride behavior ahead. (Photo: AP)
Bad bride behavior ahead. (Photo: AP)

Most of us would simply change the dress. Sure, it’s extra hassle that you probably don’t need, but it means all of your friends and family still get to enjoy your special day.

But one bride-to-be in Australia decided that her bridesmaid’s weight gain meant she wouldn’t make the cut. Not only for the wedding pictures, but for the day itself.

The unnamed bride wasn’t sure how to approach the situation, so she posted on the Facebook page “Kmart Mums Australia – Rants” asking for advice.

One bridesmaid didn’t make the cut. (Photo: AP)
One bridesmaid didn’t make the cut. (Photo: AP)

She claimed her friend “looks awful” in all of the dresses she tried on, and asked “what’s the best way to tell her I don’t want her as my bridesmaid anymore?”

Unsurprisingly, most of the reactions were negative.

“I hope she finds out her husband is actually cheating on her with the ex bridesmaid,” one person commented.

“Hope it rains all day!” added another.

The bride tried to justify her reasons, pointing out that she runs a personal training company, and that it would look bad to have the friend there.

“I can’t have fat people in my pictures, what kind of image would that portray to my customers?” she wrote.

The woman said she took her friend out to dinner so she could “explain” the situation.

“She started crying in the middle of the restaurant and it was super-embarrassing so I got up and left,” she commented on her original Facebook post.

The bride claimed her ex-bridesmaid had sent her “nasty” messages after their dinner, but that she’d ignored them and “taken the high road.”

But not everyone was convinced she’d done the right thing.

“I think you’ve got the road you took confused,” one woman said.

Still, the bride wasn’t about to change her mind. In one final comment, she wrote, “I wish I felt bad about this but I don’t. At least my wedding photos will look great now.”

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