Bride cuts off 9 inches of hair between her wedding ceremony and reception: 'Never would I ever do this'

This bride cut nine inches off her hair between her wedding ceremony and reception. Viewers were stunned by her bold decision and new look.

It’s become increasingly common at weddings for brides to change into a different look for the reception after the ceremony. TikToker and newlywed Lexie Herd (@alexisherd) chose to take this trend a step further — or, more specifically, a few inches shorter. She had her long hair cut into a shoulder-length bob between her wedding ceremony and reception. While the idea of someone getting a haircut during their own wedding raised eyebrows for some, many viewers raised a glass to the bride’s daring decision and new ‘do.

The clip opens with a shot of Herd sitting in a salon chair as she’s about to have her hair cut off right after exchanging rings and “I dos.”

Herd issues a tongue-in-cheek PSA in the on-screen text, where she advises all brides-to-be to shed nine inches of hair during the transition from ceremony to reception.

As Herd’s stylist pulls back her hair into a low ponytail, the bride looks anxiously at her reflection in the mirror.

The clip cuts to a shot of the stylist snipping away at the section of hair separated by barrettes.

Anticipation builds with each snip, and Herd can hardly contain her nervous excitement. After making the final cut, the stylist holds up the nine-inch bundle of hair like a trophy in front of the mirror.

Herd’s jaw drops over the amount of hair removed, and she looks at the camera with jittery delight.

The clip cuts to a shot of the stylist finishing Herd’s new hairdo with a final brush before the elated bride heads off to show her groom, whose stunned reaction closes out the video.

“You slayed.”

Viewers did not mince words over Herd’s mid-wedding transformation.

“Never would I ever do this… but girl… you slayed,” one user mentioned.

“I feel like I’d have an identity crisis in the middle of my wedding,” commented one TikToker.

“You will forever have the best, most confusing wedding photos,” one viewer joked.

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