Bride-to-be baffled by future family’s ‘entitled’ ring request: ‘You’re going to be fighting this fight for a long time’

A woman was mortified by how her fiance’s niece treated her.

She went on Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum for help. After she got engaged to her long-distance boyfriend of three years, she started spending more time with his niece and sister. But when his niece started to make rude comments and demanded to try on the Reddit poster’s engagement ring, things took a turn.

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“I, f36 recently got engaged to my fiancé, m34. He’s in the military and has an extended family. He’s close to his sister and 21-year-old niece. When I met his niece, she seemed sweet but kept making passive agressive comments about me. like how I look older than my fiancé, how we’re incompitable just due to our star signs or whatever. And when we announced my engagement she told my fiancé he is moving too fast (we been dating for alomost 3 yrs, LDR).”

“Yesterday I visited my future inlaws and his sister and niece were there. His niece saw my ring and commented on it saying ‘I bet this is the fanciest one you’ve ever got! just like my uncle!’. I felt offended and thought that was rude but I ignored her because of how MIL was looking at me. But she (his niece) asked if she could try the ring on, I was taken aback I said no, she asked again but I still said no. next thing I knew she got up from her seat and stood infront of me extending her arm expecting me to take the ring off and give it to her.”

No matter how much the Reddit poster pled with the future niece-in-law, she wouldn’t drop it.

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“I was like WTF? I said ‘please go back to your seat, I already said no’, SIL said it was fine but I said I just didn’t feel comfortable. SIL then looked at me quizzically and was like ‘are you serious??, that’s his niece, just let her try it on!’ I said I’m sorry but no.”

“MIL asked me to stay but I insisted on leaving. SIL tried calling me and because I needed time to answer she sent a text saying my behavior was alarming and that she will bring this incident up to her brother when he gets back becausw she sensed that I’m trying to drive a wedge between her daughter and my fiancé for whatever reason. We haven’t talked after that and I really don’5 know what to think of this, I don’t know if I acted poorly but I’ll leave this to you maybe I’m missing something. AITA??”

“You’re going to be fighting this fight for a long time if your fiancé doesn’t take care of it,” a person wrote.

“Also hate when people can’t take the word no as an answer. Why people are this entitled are beyond me,” another said.

“I’d stay away from her and her mom for awhile,” someone advised.

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