Bride accuses former bridesmaid of allegedly stealing bachelorette funds: 'I honestly hope that she reads all the comments'

Wedding drama can get pretty intense, but one woman’s ongoing feud with her former bridesmaid appears to have gotten next-level crazy, which has had TikTok glued to the story for days.

The TikToker, whose handle is @hispanahippie, said she actually got married a year ago but recently decided to share the wild story of how her ex-best friend turned into the “villain” of her wedding.

While venting about roommate or relationship drama is becoming more and more common on the social media platform, with some posts even going viral, the effects are impacting how those relationships play out — for the people involved and for the world.

As she tells it, the unnamed friend was in charge of collecting money for her bachelorette party after offering to put the entire cost of it on her credit card. However, once she’d collected the payments from her two fellow bridesmaids, she said she could no longer use her card because her husband didn’t want her to.

No one took issue with that, and another bridesmaid quickly stepped up to put it on her own card. But apparently, that’s when the trouble started.

Given the situation, the logical next step would be that Bridesmaid No. 1 (or “bridesmaidzilla,” as @hispanahippie now calls her) would refund the money that the other two bridesmaids had already paid her plus chip in her own portion so that everything was equal.

But unfortunately, that didn’t happen.

Every time the bridesmaid promised that she’d go to the ATM to give the girls their cash, she wound up ghosting them. Worst of all, when it came to the actual bachelorette weekend, she was a total no-show.

‘I didn’t know that any of this was happening’

Fast-forward to the wedding day and the bridesmaids were understandably upset. Once again, the bridesmaidzilla had promised that she’d be going to the ATM to get them their money, but according to @hispanahippie, nothing happened, and she actually left the wedding early without paying any of the women back.

In the days that followed, the women kept trying to get the bridesmaidzilla to pay up, but she was starting to get testy. Now she was refusing to pay the full amount back because she didn’t go to the bachelorette party herself.

Tensions were obviously escalating, but the bride was still in the dark about all of it.

“I didn’t happen to know that any of this was happening,” @hispanahippie revealed. “None of the bridesmaids wanted to tell me. They wanted to make sure I had like a stress-free wedding, which I did at the time.

“But once I found out that this bridesmaid had stolen money from the other two bridesmaids, not paid a dime forward and now my other friend of over a decade was out hundreds of dollars — I was livid,” she added.

Taking action against the bridesmaid

By this point, the bridesmaid had ignored multiple text messages, phone calls and emails about the money, which left the others furious. So, once the bride learned the truth, she decided to take action by helping her friend file a civil suit.

“My friend would have even been happy with her paying back the two portions that she had taken from the girls because she obviously had that money — it wasn’t hers,” the TikToker shared. “But no, she didn’t want to hear it.”

Once the case came up in court, the bridesmaid was once again a no-show, and the judge ruled in favor of the bridesmaid who was owed money. A second court date was then set to ensure that the woman had started to make payments on what she owed.

But she didn’t show up to that one, either.

If the bridesmaidzilla thought that avoiding the issue would make it go away, she was sorely mistaken. Instead, it caused the court to issue a warrant for her arrest.

‘I honestly hope that she reads all the comments’

In a follow-up post, @hispanahippie says she knows that her ex-friend is watching her videos.

“I honestly hope that she reads all the comments and realizes how much of a horrible human being it takes to do something like this,” @hispanahippie says at the end of the clip.

“Oh, and I hope you pay back the money — cause we’re still in court,” she says in a message to her former friend.

As it turns out, her ex-BFF did see the video since it quickly went viral. But unfortunately, the backlash didn’t immediately make her pay up. According to another follow-up video posted by @hispanahippie, the woman threatened legal action for defamation after she was outed for “being a thief.”

For days, people haven’t been able to get over the many twists and turns of this wild story.

“THIS STORY IS CRAZYYYY,” one person commented. “LET HER BE MADDDD.”

“Girl just PAY THE MONEY BACK! How she mad and she did you dirty??” another asked.

“This is the perfect example of IF YOU BROKE JUST SAY IT,” wrote someone else.

Others found the bridesmaid’s logic in all of this to be pretty confusing.

“it’s only defamation if it’s untrue,” one user pointed out. “by her reaction it’s definitely ALL true.”

“Does she know lawyers cost money?” asked someone else.

“She got money for a lawyer but not the lady she owes,” another wrote. “GOT IT.”

Based on her follow-up videos, @hispanahippie didn’t seem to be letting the legal threats get to her. And it’s a good thing she didn’t because, according to a part-three post, the bridesmaid finally paid up!

Well, sort of.

The wedding drama still isn’t over

According to the TikToker, her former friend’s mom actually contacted her and offered to pay back the money her daughter owed. But because her daughter had clearly not given the whole story, the amount she offered to pay was only half of what was actually owed.

After some back and forth — and more delays on the part of the mother — the money was finally paid.

“VINDICATION!” @hispanahippie proclaimed in her third and final video before adding that a dismissal would now be filed to put the matter to rest.

But because the drama apparently still isn’t over, she also claimed that she received a nasty text message from her ex-friend after the money was paid. According to the alleged “thief,” she’d filed police reports against the bride for bullying and harassment — all because she shared the story publicly on TikTok.

Now, the two former friends are due in court to confront the bullying accusations, making this one of the most drawn-out wedding dramas we’ve likely ever heard.

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