A bridal makeup artist’s tips and tricks for a flawless look that will last the whole wedding

Weddings are kind of a big deal. It’s only natural for brides to want to look good all day.

You never know when that sneaky photographer is snapping away. Making sure your makeup lasts from the moment you walk down the aisle to the second you leave the reception is key. Cynthia Barba is a professional bridal makeup artist in San Antonio, Texas. She knows a thing or two about making women look flawless on their special day.

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Barba tells In The Know that what “women most worry about on their wedding day — with their makeup — is how long it will last. Different weather … they’re gonna be dancing, they’re gonna be sweating. It’s the reception, the ceremony, so many hours.”

Barba has tips and tricks to make sure you look flawless all day long at your wedding.

Buy lipstick from the bridal makeup trial

When you’re at your bride makeup trial, be sure to know which products your makeup artist used so you can be ready day of.

“It’s so important for you to take a picture of your lip combination, such as the brand, the shade,” Barba says. “Go buy it yourself. You want to have your own product on the day of so you’re not worried about eating or drinking. You will be prepared to touch up the whole day.”

You’ll also want to opt for a nude lipstick instead of a red or burgundy color.

“Throughout the day, if you’re eating and drinking … you want to make sure it doesn’t spread and ruin your makeup,” she says. “A nude lipstick won’t be as noticeable if that happens.”

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Get your eyebrows done four to five days in advance

Don’t wait until the day before to get your eyebrows waxed or tweezed.

“You don’t want to get any irritation or any burns,” Barba explains. “I would recommend four to five days prior to your wedding day, and your makeup will look flawless.”

Schedule facials and stay hydrated

Your skin is the canvas for your makeup, so start prepping it well in advance.

“Start taking care of your skin months before your wedding day,” she advises. “Super important for the makeup application. I would recommend facials a couple of months before your wedding day.”

The makeup artist added that you should drink lots of water, as hydration improves the appearance of your skin as well.

Use a cream contour and highlight

Barba recommends using a combination of cream and powder makeup.

“Typically, we don’t incorporate the cream contour in traditional everyday makeup,” she says. “But we want to put it into your wedding makeup, just so pictures come out as great as your makeup looks in person.”

Use hair gel for your eyebrows

Lastly, use this pro tip from Barba to perfectly set your eyebrows in place.

“You don’t want to worry about your eyebrows moving at all,” Barba says. “Use hair gel instead of eyebrow gel. It gives you that fluffy, clean look that everybody wants right now. And your eyebrows will not move throughout the day.”

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