This 'breakfast' pizza has the internet extremely divided

An ambitious at-home chef is dividingsocial media with his allegedly “atrocious”version of a classic breakfast dish.The dish, shared on Twitter by a user namedJason, was apparently an attempt to createa “full English” pizza by adding several of the meal’sfamous components to a large, doughy base.Jason’s result, however, left somecommenters more than a little grossed out.His pizza, which was later retweeted by the popularfood ranking account Rate My Plate, featured a pizzacrust topped with baked beans and melted cheese.It also had an over-easy egg and two longslices of spam, which is decidedly not partof a traditional English breakfast.“Spam, Egg and Cheesy Beans Pizza!”Jason wrote in his July 3 post.The image sparked an array of responses,from rumbling stomachs to stomachachesand everything in between.“How much did you keep downand for how long?” one user asked.“You would probably be killed ina very painful manner if an Italianever saw that,” another joked.“Eleventeen out of ten, would eat withouthesitation and would probably make againin the future,” one user wrote

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