Man sparks social media firestorm with ‘atrocious’ breakfast creation: ‘This is a culinary crime’

Dillon Thompson
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An ambitious at-home chef is dividing social media with his allegedly “atrocious” version of a classic breakfast dish.

The dish, shared on Twitter by a user named Jason, was apparently an attempt to create a “full English” pizza by adding several of the meal’s famous components to a large, doughy base.

Jason’s result, however, left some commenters more than a little grossed out. His pizza, which was later retweeted by the popular food ranking account Rate My Plate, featured a pizza crust topped with baked beans, melted cheese, an over-easy egg and two long slices of spam, which is decidedly not part of a traditional English breakfast.

“Spam, Egg and Cheesy Beans Pizza!” Jason wrote in his July 3 post.

The image sparked an array of responses, from rumbling stomachs to stomachaches and everything in between. Many users commented that the “insane” combination likely wouldn’t sit well in a person’s stomach.

“How much did you keep down and for how long?” one user asked.

There were also detractors who seemed more offended by the pizza than anything — arguing that spam, beans, eggs and pizza are not meant to be consumed at once.

“This is a culinary crime,” one user wrote.

“You would probably be killed in a very painful manner if an Italian ever saw that,” another joked.

Other users joked that they’d give the pizza a try if they’d “had a few,” to which Jason replied that he originally made the meal as an attempted hangover cure. That context was irrelevant to some though, with a few commenters writing that they’d want to try the dish regardless of the situation.

“Eleventeen out of ten, would eat without hesitation and would probably make again in the future,” one user wrote.

“I genuinely would eat that,” another declared.

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