Breakfast Baconators And Frosty-ccinos Are Coming to Wendy's

After months of anticipation, speculation, and rumors that swirled like a Frosty, we finally have some concrete details about the what and when of Wendy’s impending breakfast launch.

In an announcement befitting their weird, trollish social media brand, Wendy’s announced that you can wake up and get breakfast at any of its locations nationwide starting on Monday, March 2.

The menu will be a mix of breakfast-oriented revamps of Wendy’s classics, alongside a sandwich that takes aim at some popular fast food competitors. First, there’s the Breakfast Baconator, which swaps out the beef from the Wendy’s behemoth in favor of a sausage patty and a hand-cracked egg, plus cheese and six(!) strips of bacon, perfect for falling back asleep right after you wake up. Then, there’s the Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit, which Wendy’s surely hopes will capture some of the morning market share that currently belongs to Chick-fil-A.

And lest you think Wendy’s will just pair those foods with boring, basic coffee, fear not. The drink menu includes something called a “Frosty-ccino,” which combines cold brew and a chocolate frosty into something akin to an iced mocha beverage.

Though it might not seem like a huge deal for those of us who aren’t concerned with the financials of fast food restaurants, Wendy’s is clearly betting big that breakfast will boost their bottom line. They’re hiring 20,000 new employees to staff those breakfast shifts, and the company announced it’d spent about $20 million to take breakfast nationwide last fall.

The only thing that matters now is whether or not the world is ready for a Breakfast Baconator, or if the whole effort crashes and burns. Either way, we should know what’s what by the time spring weather sets in.