Brave the Caribbean's Scariest Plane Landings (for $32K!)

A private jet tour takes aviation fans to the three scariest airports in the world. (Photo: Thinkstock)

Aviation geeks, your dreams have been answered. But as with all dreams, they come at a price. This one costs $32,000.

That’s the cost to join a new high-end air travel tour being offered by PrivateFly, a company that books private jet charters. This “Ultimate AvGeek Carribean Tour,” as the PrivateFly playfully refers to it on it site, boards lucky passengers on a fancy Gulfstream G650 private jet in New York and then flies them to the Caribbean to experience three of the world’s scariest airport landings:

1. The terrifyingly low approach at Maho Beach on St. Martin, where planes graze beachgoers heads and skim the fence behind them.

2. The steep descent required at St. Barts, where planes point their noses almost directly at the ground.

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3. The shortest commercial runway in the world on the tiny island of Saba.

The price of the tour — which ranges from $30K to $72K depending on whether you leave from Miami, New York, or London — includes more than just the landings, of course. At each stop, passengers will get behind-the-scenes access to the people who run the airports and see first-hand how some of the intricate operations are run. For example, at St. Barts’ Princess Juliana Airport guests will tour the underground baggage system and see the air traffic control tower (oh, and meet the island’s president, Bruno Magras). On Saba, they’ll have lunch with the pilots who brave the island’s hair-raising runway every day.

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If all of that is not enough, passengers can add on island tours, a side trip to Anguilla, or flying lessons (if they’re already qualified pilots). But for those of us who don’t have $30,000-plus lying around, there is a lower-cost option: You can forgo the G650 and book your own airfare into St. Martin, and then have PrivateJet arrange charter flights to test your nerves at St. Bars and Saba.

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