Brands sever ties with couple who gave up adopted son

Several brands that once sponsored

YouTube personality Myka Stauffer

have cut ties with her...

amid controversy surrounding her once-adopted Chinese son Huxley,

who has special needs, Today reports.

In a video shared on May 26, Stauffer

and her husband James revealed

that they had “rehomed” Huxley...

after learning that “there was a lot more special needs that we weren’t aware of”.

The couple had adopted Huxley in 2017 and

had documented his adoption process,

all while racking up video views.

As the mother and father continued

to post videos of Huxley, they

landed partnerships with brands...

like Good American, Fabletics, Playtex Baby and Danimals.

The couple also gave interviews

with and Parade.

In response to the social media

outrage over Huxley’s rehoming.

Danimals announced on Instagram that it would no longer partner with Stauffer.

Playtex Baby, Fabletics, Chili’s, Suave,

Big Lots and other brands similarly

responded to social media followers.

claiming that they had no plans to collaborate with the Stauffers again

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