What If Your Brand New E-Bike Showed Up in a Box Looking Like This?

damaged shipping box
What if Your New E-Bike Arrived Trashed?Trevor Raab

If you’ve ever shipped a bike, you know that it can be a nerve-wracking experience. As soon as that boxed bike leaves on the back of a shipping truck, the condition it arrives in at the other end is largely out of our hands.

Sometimes the shipping journey doesn't go well, even if the bike was shipped from your very own bike shop, as Pro BMX rider Scotty Cranmer and his brother recently found out when they took delivery of a new Cannondale eMTB bike.

The box looked like it ended up under the delivery truck instead of on it, and the video posted by the duo shows us the damage assessment. One end of the box is completely destroyed. From the brothers’ banter we can gather that the carnage occurred during the shipping process even though the bike had been professionally boxed and shipped to them from Cramer's own bike shop, SC Bicycles.

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