Brach's Iconic Conversation Hearts Get 'Friends' Makeover for Valentine's Day

The heart-shaped candies feature over two dozen quotes from the hit TV show, including 'UR MY LBSTR' and 'ON A BREAK.'

As we pivot from the winter holidays into the season of love, the beloved candy brand Brach's is entering the chat with a brand-new edition of conversation hearts in collaboration with the fan-favorite TV show Friends.

Brach's "Friends" conversation hearts spotlight the same little heart-shaped candies you know and love with a twist: phrases from the hit TV show!

The limited-edition Valentine's Day treats have been designed with 26 of the most popular Friends quotes and references, including "UR MY LBSTR," "MOO POINT," "ON A BREAK," and, of course, "HOW U DOIN?"

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Not only that, but the Friends-themed candies also introduce a whole new taste profile. According to an official press release, the packages feature a blend of watermelon, strawberry, pineapple, blueberry, cherry and orange flavors.

And while Joey "doesn't share food," these scrumptious sweets may just be too good not to gift to all of your friends.

"Brach's Conversation Hearts and Friends are both cultural symbols that have been beloved for generations, so this collaboration felt like a natural fit," explained the director of Brach's Seasonal Marketing at Ferrara Candy Company, Chad Womack.

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Womack's statement continued: "Brach's Conversation Hearts embody all that is special about Valentine's Day, giving fans a meaningful way to connect through short, sweet messages. We're proud to own that tradition each year and are excited to bring people together by offering this twist on our classic hearts inspired by one of the most iconic pop culture representations of friendships – Friends."

Brach's limited-edition Friends conversation hearts are available on shelves at stores nationwide alongside the company's classic heart-shaped candies.