BR Paradox creates custom gaming computers for celebs like The Weeknd and James Harden

Take a deep dive into what it takes to build a computer specifically for gaming

Video Transcript

STEPH: everyone. My name is Steph and welcome to In The Know: Game On where we'll delve into the hottest trends in gaming across multiple platforms and products. Starting a PC build can be a bit intimidating. There's so many parts and brands out there, how do you know which one to choose? Today we're talking about PC musts and what you can expect when putting together your custom PC build.

Joining me today is Arpit Manaktala, CEO and founder of Paradox Custom. Welcome, Arpit. We're super excited to have you here today.

ARPIT MANAKTALA: Thank you for having me here. I'm so excited. This is a first for me and I'm excited to talk PCs.

STEPH: I love it. Well, you can start off by telling us a little bit more about Paradox Customs.

ARPIT MANAKTALA: Paradox Customs is a PC building company. We prioritize gaming and esports, but as a PC company we do PCs for editing stations, workstations, and all kinds of different workloads.

STEPH: I know you guys do a lot of custom builds for celebrities so what is that like, how does it feel?

ARPIT MANAKTALA: It's honestly a dream come true. Like my hobbies growing up was hip hop and basketball and most of the celebrities we do nowadays are some of the biggest celebrities in those two fields.

STEPH: Putting together your custom PC build can be kind of intimidating. Do you have any advice for those that are looking to start their own custom build?

ARPIT MANAKTALA: In terms of PC building, definitely watch a video first on how to build something. The main components that are necessary is the processor, the motherboard, the RAM, the storage, the graphics card, the case, and the power supply.

STEPH: So, Arpit, I see that you brought over a whole set for us today. Can we dive in?

ARPIT MANAKTALA: Absolutely. So the item that's right in front of us is a pretty common item. So if you're a popular streamer you most likely own one. This is the GoXLR.

Streamers no longer use like USB mics, right? So you need to use something like a shirt mic, which uses an XLR cable, so you need an interface like this where you can plug your shirt mic in and you also need to connect your PC to, to hear.

STEPH: All right, up next I see some ASTRO Gaming headphones. I just got a pair. Can you educate me?

ARPIT MANAKTALA: ASTRO gaming, in my opinion, they make the best headsets. And they have been around since the beginning of esports, I'm talking like Halo 3, 2007. These are custom ASTROs. They call their program the ASTRO ID where you can customize like the colors, the stitching, and the speaker tags. We've got Paradox speaker tags in there.

STEPH: Talk to me. What's this, right here?

ARPIT MANAKTALA: So I brought the RTX 3090 from NVIDIA. This is, basically, the highest end graphics card you can get. And it's going to hold you down, especially if you're playing at 4K or 1440p it's amazing. I brought two of the most popular controllers around and they're from two different companies.


ARPIT MANAKTALA: So the one closest to you is all black PS5 controller from Battle Beaver. They have buttons in the back versus like paddles. And when you have buttons like you can press it so many times and so quick.

The other controller is the SCUF controller, that's the SCUF Impact. So it's shaped after a PS4 controller, but it has its own shape. And that's one of the more popular controllers as well.

STEPH: What do we have over here, this Intel?

ARPIT MANAKTALA: So that's the highest end processor out right now, it's the Intel i9-12900K. It's a 16 core, which is like the first time Intel has created a mainstream 16 core processor.

STEPH: So what about this beauty right here, this colorful gorgeous thing?

ARPIT MANAKTALA: This is just a top of the line build. It has a 3090, it's got the AMD Ryzen 5950X, which is the best Ryzen processor. We've got 32 gigs of that high speed RAM I was telling you about, it's 3,600 megahertz. We have those RGB cables that are called Lian Li strimers, which are a hot commodity. And we have 10 Lian Li UNI fans.

STEPH: All right, Arpit. Thank you so much for showing us how the professionals do it. It was a pleasure having you here today.

ARPIT MANAKTALA: Thank you very much.

STEPH: Building your own PC is truly an art and can give you an unparalleled gaming experience. I hope this episode helped you demystify the building process. I'm Steph and this is In The Know: Game On. For more episodes like this, make sure to check out Peace.