"Boyfriend Blush" Is The New Makeup Trend Taking TikTok By Storm

TikTok is home to millions of makeup tips, tricks, trends and hack videos and the current topic of discussion is "Boyfriend Blush."

TikTok content creator, Mallory Osses, shares in a video that the trend is not new and has been around for at least the last decade, mainly in high fashion, editorial and runway makeup. She describes the trend as the perfect way to bring a "youthful and sporty" flush to the face. Using a photo of Prince William and Harry, she shows how the natural redness on their cheeks and across the bridge of their noses are where you'd want to place the blush to achieve this look. The gist of "Boyfriend Blush" is to emulate the flustered face of a man, or your boyfriend, who just finished exercising.



In another post, she explains that the "Boyfriend Blush" placement is different from other blush trends because it avoids placing product on the apples of the cheek. Instead, she instructs her followers to start tapping the blush near the tragus part of the ear and bringing it forward just under the cheekbone and towards the nose to create a triangle. She relays that this technique creates a more natural flush as you're not using a lot of blush to carve out your cheekbones or accentuate your face.

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