The 'Boy Bob' Is the Hot New Take on Chin-Length Hair

This look is more playful than your traditional bob haircut.

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It's no surprise that bob haircuts have had their moment for decades, but that same chin- to shoulder-length cut can be styled differently for a more nuanced look. The "boy bob" haircut has been taking over social media, likely because it gives off a coveted effortless and undone aesthetic. We spoke with an expert hairstylist who explains how to achieve the look that celebs like America Ferrara and Julianne Hough have recently rocked.

Meet the Expert

​​Nunzio Saviano is the owner of Nunzio Saviano Salon in NYC.

What Is a Boy Bob Haircut?

Consider the boy bob a sleek, single-length cut that is often tucked behind one or both ears. “The boy bob haircut is similar to a traditional bob cut but has a more androgynous, youthful look,” says NYC salon owner Nunzio Saviano. “It is extremely versatile and can work well on various hair types."

The cut is flattering for most face shapes and hair types. “It is shorter and typically cut straight around the head at jaw length. Sometimes it’s slightly longer or shorter depending on face shape, hair texture, or personal preference,” explains Saviano.



How to Ask Your Stylist for a Boy Bob

This cut is relatively straightforward with no complex layering or angling. When you head to the salon, Saviano says, “Ask for a blunt cut with minimal layering, giving it a clean and sharp look all around the perimeter.” Bring in photos with models who have the same face shape and hair type as you. (Stylists prefer more images, so they have the exact same vision as you in mind when cutting.)

Saviano adds that this haircut “tends to be most flattering on oval and heart-shaped faces.” Avoid this haircut, or go for a slightly longer length below the chin, if you have a shorter, square, or round face. If you have naturally curly hair, make sure the stylist accounts for your level of curl shrinkage to get the right length when dry.

How to Maintain and Style a Boy Bob

To keep the edges looking sharp, book a trim every 4-6 weeks with your stylist. The boy bob is most flattering when it seems natural and effortless. Saviano recommends styling the boy bob either sleek or tousled for a more casual look.

When styling straight hair, apply a smoothing serum on damp hair and a light hair oil when the hair is dry, which will make the cut look more polished and glossy. For light waves, add a volumnizing mousse or texturizing spray on damp hair. Finish with a spritz of hairspray to lock the waves in place.

Curly hair may not get the same sharp edge but will look great when styled with a curl-defining cream and a hair diffuser. For a more finished appearance, Saviano says a standard blowout is the way to go.

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