These bots are cleaning commercial and industrial facilities without the need for a human

Autonomous cleaning robots. French-based company Fybots creates and designs autonomous cleaning bots. These bots are designed for everyday industrial and commercial use. There are 3 bots to choose from and each robot has a specific function they’re designed for. Sweeper, disinfect, and scrubber. The disinfected bot maneuvers around healthcare facilities autonomously. With an aim to purify the air of harmful and contagious airborne particles. There is also an optional UV disinfection module for floor disinfection. The sweeper and scrubber are generally identical according to Fybots. Both bots function to sweep and scrub without the need for an operator. They can perform their tasks thanks to the in-house built intelligence, navigation, and self-positioning. All bots are equipped with obstacle avoidance. Battery life can last between 6 to 12 hours depending on the size of the robot and the area they clean. And they can self-charge when the battery is running low. Learn more at

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