18 Tweets And Screenshots From People Who LOATHED Their Job Or Boss, And Sometimes Both

If you opened this post, then it's likely that you either hate your current place of employment (or management) and would like to relate to your fellow anti-workers; or, you're nosey and want see the mess. Either way, here are 18 people who really, really, really would rather work literally anywhere else:

1.This former HR employee who went out swinging:

2.This person who will absolutely not be showing up to any of your early morning meetings:

3. This person whose boss doesn't care whether or not they get frostbite:

4.This employee who was forced to stay an extra minute past working hours because they left a minute early the previous day:

5.This person whose every problem could be solved with a raise:

6.This person who nailed how many workers are feeling under capitalism:

7.This person whose skills make them worthy of a raise that they'll probably never get:

8.This person who described how we all feel when we're thrown off our daily to-do schedule:

9.This person who is feuding with the office Betty:

10. This person whose boss would prefer a late-night text to avoid potential conflict:

11.This person who had a taste of life and hates the idea of having to go back:

12. This person whose boss is pretending that time off requests don't exist:

13.This person who, legend has it, is still spiraling to this day:

14.This person whose vibe reflects how we're all feeling:

15. This person whose boss literally threw trash in their truck:

16.This person who went the extra mile and was rewarded with a measly 10 minutes extra for a single break:

"You won an extra 10 min break!"

17.This person whose job has employees on their feet so much that people feel the need to sit on the floor when they're tired — and are then punished for it:

"Do not sit on the floor!"
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18.And finally, this person who can endure whatever corporate has to throw at them: