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Spread joy: This popular Bonne Maman advent calendar is packed with jams and more

Check out this spread: The Bonne Maman Advent Calendar returns for 2023

2023 Bonne Maman Advent Calendar on a mantle
Spread the love by gifting this limited-edition 2023 Bonne Maman Advent Calendar — while supplies last.

Advent calendars are a fun holiday gift, and they keep getting better (just look at our 35 best advent calendars of 2023 roundup). But once in a while, you run across one that's so special, so irresistible that you must gift it to yourself (annually). Such is the case with this Bonne Maman limited-edition advent calendar. Our taste buds perked right up when we saw that the popular yuletide treat was back for 2023, delivering one tasty little mini jar after another — 23 fruit spreads, one honey — for every December day leading up to Christmas. Quantities are limited, folks, and this top-seller has a devoted following year after year — so you'll want to jump on this, stat.

The gift that keeps on giving: A new tasty spread awaits behind every door.

$60 at Amazon

We're betting the Bonne Maman label and jar are quite familiar to you — and if you know, you know: The French brand's fruit spreads are simply delectable. Well, these dear little "Granny" (that's what the French bonne maman means in English) spreads feature special, exclusive flavors that will not only sweeten up the mornings but also add interest to your cheese plates, level up your PB&Js and even upgrade that thumbprint cookie recipe to two thumbs-up. The jars are little — there are a couple of tablespoons in each — but 3,000-plus fans say the taste is big enough that this holiday-time sampler merits a perfect five-star rating.

The natural ingredients in Bonne Maman's spreads pop on their own without the need for all that extra garbage (high-fructose corn syrup, preservatives, faux color, etc.). And, if you want to savor the flavors, there's no need to bust through a jar a day: The contents will stay safe and fresh through June 2024.

fruit spread advent calendar and a croissant
It's time to jam! (Amazon)

Spoiler alert: The flavors are all listed on the box. To keep the surprise under wraps, perhaps you could cover that up with some opaque tape. Skip to the next graf if you don't want a sneak peek at the standout flavors. Ready? Behind the doors await brilliant blends such as ... strawberry rhubarb, apricot lavender, apple caramel with cinnamon, fig with cardamon, raspberry chocolate and so many others. Mmm. The jar of honey is a welcome addition.

The 2023 Bonne Maman Advent Calendar will make an incredible gift for anyone on your list. Or, to really spread the love, you could throw the doors open yourself, pluck a few jars and add them to stockings or gift baskets. Note: On the company's own website, a maximum of two limited-edition advent calendars are allowed per order, but nothing stopped me from ordering multiples when I shopped on Amazon.

Back for a seventh year, the Bonne Maman advent calendar is a must-have for foodies and, well, anyone with taste buds and a penchant for pleasure.

$60 at Amazon

An overall 4.8-star rating is rare at Amazon, but fans can't seem to praise this advent calendar enough.

"Fantastic every time!" raved one of the 3,000+ five-star fans. "I love everything about this company. From their long history and strong values to their amazing, high-quality jam and fruit products. What’s not to love? I purchase only one advent calendar every year and it’s this one. I eat Bonne Maman’s creative jam flavors on homemade sourdough crumpets. One small jar is enough servings for two crumpets. It’s a fun journey to try the new and different flavors they create. I’ve never had a flavor I didn’t like."

Another loyal customer wrote, "In addition to being cute, and incredibly giftable, the spreads are always on point. I don't buy any other advent calendar for myself, this one is so good. It's nice to wake up to a piece of toast and jam during the month of December when everything is so busy."

"Love, love, love," shared one user/gifter: "Every morning, we pop a new one out and plot how we are going to use it — on toast, a glaze for pork, in yogurt. The presentation box is beautiful and substantial, making a great gift. The box is engineered cleverly so that there is no real chance of breakage or shifting in the tiny jars."

"Absolutely stunning," crowed this craftswoman. "Delightfully yummy and tasty preserves ... made with the freshest quality of ingredients and consistently good. The red and white checked lid sets them off into a class unto their own. Not only do I enjoy the contents, the jars and their distinctive lids become a storage spot for my buttons, straight pins and other craft items along with storing other items around the house. Such a grand bonus after enjoying these tasty spreads and honey."

More offerings from Bonne Maman

Craving more Bonne Maman goodies? Here are some other great giftable (or keep-for-yourself-able) options:

Bring home three delicious fan favorites — strawberry, cherry and apricot — in full-size jars. (Or, go for the four-pack and throw wild blueberry into the mix. Yum!)

$22 at Amazon

Another multi-flavor option: These 1.76-ounce jars are great for gift baskets, stockings or your pantry! Apricot, cherry, orange, red currant and strawberry are included.

$12 at Amazon

Since 2021, the French brand has also been making hand-blended herbal teas with a focus on wellness. The Vitality blend contains peppermint, hibiscus and licorice. The two boxes contain 32 tea bags in total. See all five blends. Any of them would be a lovely complement to the preserves.

$10 at Amazon