Bonded Senior Labs' Reaction to Being Adopted Together Is So Beautiful

Some of our favorite animal videos are, of course, when precious babies get adopted. Their faces just light up as they know they're getting out of the shelter and going to their forever home. They're kissing their sad and depressed days goodbye!

That's exactly what happened with TikTok user @sammysaysrelax's mom who adopted not one, but two dogs. This adoption is especially melting our hearts because she adopted a bonded pair of senior labs. So sweet! And the two dogs' reactions are even more precious. Take a look!

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Be still our hearts! This is by far one of the most adorable videos we've ever seen. Not only are we glad these senior dogs got adopted because that, unfortunately, doesn't happen too often for senior dogs, but we're also glad they decided to keep them together. Two peas in a pod for the rest of their days!

"Thank you for adopting and for keeping a bonded pair together," said @wolfgang_guyger. Thank you times a million! They're clearly best friends and separating them wouldn't be good for anyone. Plus, just look at how happy they are as soon as this woman got there. @natnat_pattywack wrote exactly what these dogs were thinking. It reads, "They're like, 'Ok, let's go, mom!'" How cute is it that they knew instantly that was their mom?! We can't wait to see what they're like when they're finally home.

Another TikToker, @laurennotaro, commented, "Thank you for not overlooking them. You will never have a sad day again." And that's a fact! Adopted or rescue dogs will give you the most amount of love. It's a perfect reminder to everyone to adopt, don't shop.

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