Bold Attempt to Successfully 'Hide' Christmas Tree From the Cat Still Backfires

Cats will always find a way!

We have seen plenty of clever cat owners try and come up with new ways to protect their Christmas trees from their furry friends. We have seen them create invisible cat barriers. We have seen owners hang their holiday trees from the ceiling. It seems no matter what cat owners do, their cats always find a way to destroy, or attempt to destroy the Christmas tree

That why the video posted by TikTok account is so hilarious, because even with this ingenious way of attempting to protect the tree, the cat STILL finds a way to get in there. Just watch this funny video to see what we mean! 

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We.. have .. questions.. Well, we did but @Bonnie hilariously sums it up by typing, "I guess no showers before Christmas?" LOL! We will just assume they have more than one shower in this household. @Tinkavonhaus adds, "Looks like you are out of options to place the tree. Unless you hang from ceiling. Good luck!" @Sonebully comments, "My Ragdolls are the same way!!! But they can do whatever they want because I love them dearly."

Ragdolls are beautiful cats, but that doesn't excuse them from trying to ruin Christmas. Maybe next year they can just hang a drawing of a tree, LOL. 

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