Bode Miller Stirs Controversy For Teaching Son A Valuable Life Lesson (Watch)

Legendary American ski racer Bode Miller is drawing controversy over his decision to enforce a punishment on his son for "quitting on his soccer team".

The video below shows Miller driving behind his son as he runs uphill. His son allegedly chose the punishment after admitting that he "didn't run..." during a recent soccer game. Video below:

Full caption:

"After quitting on his soccer team during his first game of the year, I let him run the hill. Enforcing consequences isn’t my favorite part of parenting, but learning from them is important.

This was about so much more than a game of soccer. It’s about teaching our kids never to quit.

For those who are concerned, the hill running was his idea. He said he didn’t run during the game. This kid is next level. #prouddad"

The post has dozen of comments that are split into two camps. On one hand, you have fellow parents who support Miller's decision to teach his kid to never give up.

On the other, you have concerned individuals who believe that any type of physical punishment is unacceptable.

Here's where I stand.

First off, I'm not a parent. Second, my parents never levied any sort of physical exercise 'punishment' on me when I was a kid. Still, I don't really see what's wrong with Bode teaching his kid a valuable life lesson in this fashion.

Giving up on a soccer game, in the grand scheme of things, isn't a big deal. It's youth soccer, and very few, if any, of the players involved in Miller's son's game will go pro, but that's not the point.

The point is that Miller's son's gave up on himself, his teammates, and the game itself. Some parents might think that's okay, but I can appreciate Miller's desire for his son to be a hard-worker throughout his life.

Let's be honest. Bode Miller seems to be doing well financially. I reckon that his children will inherit a decent amount of wealth. They most likely won't really need to work hard in life, but kudos to Miller for not allowing that behavior.

I appreciate when parents who had to work hard for their success instill the same traits in their children.

Keep it up Bode. Ignore the haters.

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