Will Bode and Gabriela End Up Together on 'Fire Country'?

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Gabriela and Bode

Bode Leone (Max Thieriot) and Gabriela Perez (Stephanie Arcila) may seem made for each other on Fire Country, but their relationship has gone up in flames as of late.

After falling in love over the course of Season 1—facing down many obstacles that could have snuffed out their relationship before it even got started—Bode and Gabriela are not together as Season 2 gets underway. Bode broke things off in the Season 1 finale, and in the Season 2 premiere, we learned that she moved on with someone else during the six-month time jump between seasons.

Or has she? It seems unlikely that she would be able to put her passionate feelings for Bode behind her so quickly, or that Bode is really OK with her new relationship like he says he is. Is Gabriela's new relationship built to last, or will she and Bode get back together? Let's take a look at what happened to Gabriela and Bode, and where the former couple might be headed on Fire Country.

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What happened to Bode and Gabriela?

In the Season 1 finale, Bode falsely confessed to trafficking drugs into the Three Rock Con Camp in order to secure his innocent inmate firefighter friend Freddy (W. Tré Davis)'s release.

As he was being taken from the courtroom to be sent back to prison, a shocked and sad Gabriela ran to Bode and told him that she would stand by him and fight the case with him. But he told her that he was a drug addict who would never change, and she should forget about him and move on with her life. It was a cold rejection.

Bode thought that after he carried out his plan to kill the real drug trafficker, his nemesis Sleeper (Grant Harvey), he would never get out of prison, so he turned his back on everyone who loved him, especially Gabriela. For the first few months, she wrote him letters, but he never wrote back. So she followed his advice and moved on. She started dating her colleague Diego (Rafael de la Fuente), a handsome paramedic and firefighter who served as a medic in Afghanistan. Diego proposed to her in the Season 2 premiere.

Will Gabriela and Diego get married?

We don't know that yet. But here's what we do know: Diego seems like a really nice guy. On paper, he's a much better fit for Gabriela than Bode. Like her, he's a high achiever. He has his life much more together than Gabriela's emotionally tormented, presently incarcerated ex.

And Gabriela does genuinely seem happy with him. She believes they have a future together. After all, she basically proposes to him before he makes it official with a ring. But they are moving very fast. They've only been together a few months, and right before they got together Gabriela was so in love with Bode she was willing to stay with him while he went back to prison. Is she lying to herself about being over Bode? Is she really ready to marry someone else? That remains to be seen.

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How did Bode react to Gabriela's engagement?

When Bode found out he might have a daughter with his high-school ex Cara (Sabina Gadecki), he decided he had something to live for and orchestrated his way out of prison and back to Edgewater and Three Rock.

He was in the office talking to Eve (Jules Latimer) moments after arriving at camp when Gabriela burst in to tell Eve the big news. She didn't even know Bode was coming back, let alone that he would be there, and didn't realize he was there until Eve's expression gave it away.

Bode under-reacted. His face barely moved, and just showed the faintest glimmer of sadness as he searched for the words. "I'm so happy for you," he managed. He didn't smile. He looked like he was trying to be OK with the consequences of his choices. A neutral face was the best he could do.

Will Bode and Gabriela get back together?

Bode and Gabriela's strained relationship will be a major part of Fire Country as Season 2 progresses. They'll both pretend that everything is fine and they're cool with how things are between them. But cracks will show. Gabriela will say one thing but her expression will say something another. People who know Bode will be able to tell how he really feels. And we might find out that Diego and Gabriela aren't so perfect for each other after all.

Bode and Gabriela are a classic TV will they/won't they. It remains to be seen if they're meant to be together, and how long Fire Country can keep them apart. If they do reunite romantically, it will have to Gabriela's choice. Bode wronged her, and it's up to her if she'll ever be willing to end things with Diego and give her previous love another chance.

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