Bobby-Pin-Gate: What's Up With Trump's Mexico ’Do?

Donald Trump’s press conference on Wednesday, held after he met with Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto, left observers buzzing about trade agreements, immigration, humanitarian crises — and bobby pins. Yep, just a few months after his famous hairspray speech, delivered to a crowd of amused coal miners in West Virginia, the Republican candidate raised questions this week as to whether he had stood on the podium with a couple of bobby pins crisscrossed into his ’do.

Others weren’t quite so sure, and some simply delighted in the possibility.

But others were serious about getting answers.

While it certainly looks as if the heavily shared close-up image of the Donald (in top tweet) does indeed contain bobby pins, Yahoo Beauty is wondering if those have been at all doctored, as press images of the event appear to show some strands of hair that have clumped together from too much product, forming a pinlike point:

According to master grooming expert Ann Shim of the Grooming Lounge, “The [above] photo looks pretty normal. The other looks doctored. It looks like it’s been sprayed and pasted back.” And she can’t help but add, “I don’t know who his stylist is, but he has a terrible haircut. … It doesn’t look like he’s had a cut in two months. Though obviously, he keeps it long to mask the thinning on his crown.”

If it does happen to be a bobby pin, she’s mystified. “I’ve never known a man in my entire life to ever wear a bobby pin in his hair,” Shim says. “And if somebody left it in there by accident, he’s probably going to fire them.”

But let’s say, just for fun, that the pins were real. That, says a very bemused Mila Grigg, CEO of MODA Image and Brand Consulting, would have not been the worst thing to happen. “My first thought was he is typically seen as a rough-and-tumble type of man, and this definitely shows he has a feminine side!” she tells Yahoo Beauty. “If those really are bobby pins, I would bet that he, or his stylist, simply forgot to remove them after getting his hair into place. At least now he can relate to the busy women of America who walk out of the house with random bobby pins, clips and only one eye of mascara!”

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