Bobbi Brown’s 2015 Beauty Year in Review


Every year brings a new set of beauty trends. But while some are worth holding on to, others should be forgotten. This year, two really artificial beauty looks became big — contouring and lip injections. I’m about feeling confident and looking natural, so I hope this look stays in 2015. Reviewing this year in beauty, here’s what I loved, and what I didn’t:

Trends that should end in 2015

Lip injections: I’ve never seen anyone with lip injections look anything less than weird. Like every beauty trend, it will definitely be out soon. You are better off not being stuck with something irreversible.

Contouring: Contouring to minimize features involves a lot of products and a lot of time. The heavy, fake look was big in the 1980s, and I can’t wait to see it in the past again.

Flat matte lipstick: Lipstick should have a little bit of sheen to be really flattering. The dark, flat matte look on lips is also aging. While it was big in the ’90s, it doesn’t really work with today’s makeup.

Red eyeshadow: Putting this color on your lids makes you look instantly tired and sick. It’s one of those ideas that only works on the runway and not in real life.

Trends that should keep going in 2016

Strobing: This is the anticontour. The technique is about highlighting your best features with illuminating products, not trying to make things disappear.

All-in-one products: I love all-in-one products that combine skin care and makeup. BB and CC creams, along with serum foundations, all target different skin issues while leaving a beautiful, even finish.

Ditching the blow dryer: Women are embracing their natural hair texture and finding products that work with their real hair. Trying to fight your natural texture seems like a big waste of time when there are so many great products that will enhance your hair.

Beachy waves: Tousled, beachy waves are big all year long. It’s a hair look that feels really fresh right now.

Natural oils: I love the hydration you get from pairing natural oils with cream moisturizer. I use coconut oil to moisturize my hair, elbows, and feet. Olive oil is also great. Try it on both body and face.


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