At Celine, Blue Is the Kookiest Color

Laia Garcia

Blue eyeshadow takes center stage at Celine Fall 2015. Photo: Imaxtree

Celine’s Fall 2015 show has been praised for having a new looser sensibility. Whereas before Phoebe Philo had established herself as the queen of a certain kind of restrained minimalism – a white turtleneck and some wide leg slacks—this season she let go in every way. Backstage, there was talk of the designer asking herself “how much is too much?” and like other designers in Paris, investigating a new kind of sensuality for the women who whose preferred sext might be a line from Roland Barthes’ A Lover’s Discourse.

The result at Celine was bold animal prints, color blocked lingerie-inspired slip dresses, oversized bell-sleeves, a print of a half-naked men plastered across a cozy, quilted blanket coat, a complete departure from anything she’s ever shown on the runway. It was a feast for the senses; the Celine woman goes unhinged.

The new sensuality at Celine Fall 2015. Photo: Imaxtree

While most of the models went barefaced, there were a few who had a swipe of electric blue across their lids. Blue eye shadow is for the woman who wears her makeup for no one but herself.  

Blue eye shadow isn’t subtle. When a little girl first experiments with her mother’s makeup, she will don a red lip and cover her entire eyelid with blue eye shadow. She is going for drama.  In the movies, when a woman wears blue eye shadow, it means she doesn’t follow the rules. She’s an iconoclast—  see Elizabeth Taylor’s Cleopatra, Suzy Bishop in Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom, and Layla in Buffalo 66’ among others.

Blue speaks the loudest at Celine Fall 2015. Photo: Imaxtree

Blue eyeshadow is the beauty equivalent of giving a middle finger to the world. And at the Celine show, among all the luxury—the furs, the animal prints— nothing stood out more as a sign of the liberated woman than that swipe of electric blue.

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