Is 'Blue Bloods' Going to Be Cancelled? Star Tom Selleck Weighs In

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Photo credit: Twitter/Blue Bloods CBS
Photo credit: Twitter/Blue Bloods CBS

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  • Tom Selleck discussed the future of his show Blue Bloods in a new interview.

  • Blue Bloods wrapped up its tenth season on Friday, but the popular show shows no signs of slowing down.

It looks like Police Commissioner Frank Reagan won't be retiring anytime soon.

While CBS has not officially renewed Blue Bloods for more seasons, Tom Selleck, who plays the beloved patriarch of the Reagan clan on the show, says he expects the series to be around for a long time.

“I don’t think there is an end point,” Tom tells People in a new interview. “I think there is a lot of life in the show, as long as you let your characters grow and get older.”

“There is an evolution. It started out as a character-driven show and it’s even more than that now. When you get to a point like this, and we certainly had it on [Magnum P.I.], the audience is really inside the main characters’ heads,” Tom continues, referencing the 1980s series that made him a household name.

Blue Bloods, which recently stopped production due to concerns over the coronavirus crisis, wrapped up its tenth season on Friday, May 1, with an emotionally powerful finale that (spoiler alert!) saw the addition of a new family member.

As for the rest of his onscreen family, which includes actors Bridget Moynahan, Donnie Wahlberg and Will Estes, Tom says he "loves them all" and that the show's famous dinner scenes feel like a "reunion of friends."

“Sometimes it’s hard for the directors to get us to concentrate," Tom admits. "We do the work, and we do it well, but we’re also screwing around and kidding each other and catching up. What we have is truly a blessing.”

We hope there are many more seasons in store for this beloved cast of characters!

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