What is ‘bloke core,’ and who started it?

It started as a TikTok joke, but now blokes are dressing like blokes again.

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Bloke core is the hottest fashion trend among Gen Z’s young men. The term “bloke” is like the American “bro,” except it’s more common in places like the U.K., Ireland and Australia. Much like a bro, a bloke is a masculine male archetype.

Depending on what circles you run with, that may be good or bad. Lately, there has been some consensus around bro and bloke culture becoming toxic, and thus, bros and blokes have fallen out of favor.

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It’s likely why TikToker Brandon Huntley was being ironic when he coined the term “bloke core” as the hottest trend of 2022.

The video featured Huntley showing off his soccer jersey, denim straight-leg jeans and scuffed-up adidas sneakers. The outfit was completely unremarkable, and that’s the point. Bloke core is simply what a basic guy wears.

For some reason, Huntley’s video went viral and caught on. Now guys in the U.K. are proudly rocking bloke core. The hashtag #blokecore currently has over 9.2 million views.

“How do I explain to my mother that I am not going to play football but that I am wearing bloke core?” @jandrota wrote in a caption.

TikToker @danibuenomoreno declared it was “bloke core summer” in a video caption. His bloke core transformation saw him change from a hoodie and shorts to a red soccer jersey, jeans and white trainers.

Fortunately, this new era of bloke core has arrived without some of the toxicity of yesteryear, as TikToker @bruhbruhski jokingly noted.

“Dudes swear they’re into bloke core but won’t get pissed on a Tuesday and be super racist at a football game,” he wrote.

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