Blake Shelton Is Getting Major Backlash from Fans About His New Song "Minimum Wage"

Mehera Bonner
·3 min read

From House Beautiful

Blake Shelton is getting backlash from fans thanks to his new song "Minimum Wage," which some argue is thoughtless considering the job loss and financial hardship many people have experienced during the coronavirus pandemic.

The singer dropped the single during NBC’s New Year’s Eve special, and while it's apparently meant to be a love song about Gwen Stefani, it contains the lyric "Girl, your love can make a man feel rich on minimum wage."

As Page Six reports, people didn't hesitate to voice their criticism—with one person asking Blake "do you even know what the minimum wage is" and another saying "Blake Shelton singing 'your love could make a man feel rich on minimum wage' just cements the fact that rich people have absolutely no fucking clue." Many were quick to point out that Blake is worth $100 million.

To be clear, plenty of fans definitely enjoyed and defended the song—but it was also pointed out that "There's a time for songs like Minimum Wage but it isn't now. It's not relatable. People are out of work due to the pandemic. They're fighting for their livelihoods as businesses are forced to close."

As of now, Blake hasn't commented on the criticism.

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