Blake Lively reveals the one thing her Met Gala gowns have in common

With the Met Gala postponed indefinitely, celebrities have taken to social media to

share tributes to the event.

Blake Lively shared her looks from the

event in 2016, 2017 and 2018 and they

all have something in common.

“When the carpet matches the Blakes,” the actress wrote in her Instagram caption...

calling to attention the fact she matched

her dresses to the floor all three years.

Commenters loved it, with even model

Gigi Hadid having something to say.

“How far in advance do you have to

tell Anna [Wintour] what color to

make the carpet,” she joked.

The Met Gala may not happen any time soon,

but even with a wait, it’s guaranteed that

Lively will be serving an iconic look