'The Black Wife Effect:' Viral Trend That Shows White Men Getting a Much-Needed Glow Up Has Us Shook

Screenshot: TikTok
Screenshot: TikTok

We’ve been trying to tell you for the longest just how amazing Black women are. Now, there’s a new social media trend that’s giving all the proof. A quick online search of the “Black Wife Effect” will produce countless videos of mostly white and Asian men showing how their Black wives were single-handedly responsible for their glow-up.

Without a doubt, these women are working some serious Black Girl Magic on their men, adding their secret sauce to their style. Only a Black woman could turn this:

Screenshot: TikTok
Screenshot: TikTok

into this:

Screenshot: TikTok
Screenshot: TikTok

But TikTok user basicallybetsy2.0 argues that the trend is about so much more than haircuts and new outfits. She sees the trend as another example of the ways in which Black woman are nurturers by nature.

“For me, when I’m watching the Black Wife Effect, what I’m thinking is that everything Black women touch they elevate. And that’s not just on a partner scale, that’s on a societal scale,” she said. “The fascinating thing is not that they look better, their style is better, but like you can visibly see their confidence get better. And that’s not like a physical change. That’s something of being properly cared for.”

You can seriously lose a day watching before and after transformations of white men who went from geek to chic with a little assistance from their Black wives.

So, because we know you don’t have that kind of time, we picked out some of our favorite Black Wife Effect transformations.


Frilancy Hoyle has received over four million views on her clip of her husband, who she helped by sprinkling him with the swag she thought he so desperately needed. She ditched his shorts for suits and got an almost unbelievable result.

She captioned her TikTok of his amazing transformation, “Mikey had all the qualities I was looking for in a life partner but ZERO fashion sense. But I was ok with it because that was a department I could easily take care of. Just added few Zambian seasonings.”

And the commenters flooded her post with their stamps of approval on his new style.

“man went from steve from blue clues to swizz beatz,”

“She seasoned AND marinated this man 🤌🏾,” and our personal favorite,

“Well I be damn this man went from chicken pot pie to OXTAIL STEW😭🤣🫶🏾.”


The Cole Life

TikTok user The Cole Life’s husband transformation gives us Clark Kent to Superman vibes. But she is clearly the superhero in this relationship, turning her man into someone who looks red carpet ready.

“I might have did a lil’ somethin’ 😉😏,” she captioned her TikTok clip.

And the commenters agreed, writing:

“Saved that man’s life.”

“Bro went from Sheldon Cooper to Bradley Cooper,” and

“its giving clean and smelling like cocoa butter 😍.”


Michael Chitwood

User Michael Chitwoood posted a video of his transformation at the hands of his Black wife of 24 years. She helped him ditch his frat boy vibe for some serious swag that had the commenters gagging, writing:

“That was a glow up of epic proportions,”

“Now that’s how a wine process goes🥰🥰,” and

“I said DAYUMM! Out loud😂😂😂.”



We saved the best for last with @roxleeofficial who has a transformation you have to see to believe. This dude’s glow up is next level. He’s actually wearing some kind of gladiator costume in his before pics! But with the help of some new glasses and some fresh new clothes, the post captioned, “Dammmmmn I NEVER realized the glow up was that real 🤭 Challenge over 🤣🤣 #blackgirleffect,” is a mic drop moment.

And the commenters co-signed, writing:

“She took you to another level! I love this trend,”

“Yea sis got you right on together! 👏👏,” and

“Whewww Black Wife Effect has to be studied 🔥🔥.”


We think so too.

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