Black Lab mom can’t figure out why people keep staring at her dog, then spots what’s in her mouth: ‘I was not expecting that’

A black Labrador mix turned heads on a recent walk with her human, and the hilarious footage is cracking up dog lovers across TikTok.

TikToker and her owner, Peggy (@peggyy888), gained over 900,000 views, 230,000 likes and 1,000 comments after uploading footage of her pup, Millie, and their unusual walk.

We’ve seen pets’ antics go viral on TikTok before — like this rescue dog who cost his human $400 in vet bills to diagnose his “sympathy pains,” or this kitten who interrupted her pregnant human’s “bumpdate” video in the strangest way — but Millie’s unexpected discovery on her walk is unlike anything TikTokers have seen before.

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Millie, a black Labrador and American Staffordshire mix, was on a walk when she started turning heads on the sidewalk.

Peggy, who rescued Millie from a shelter when she was just a pup, couldn’t figure out why so many people were staring at her dog.

So she got out her phone to film Millie — and that’s when Peggy noticed what was in her mouth.

Casually propped on her lip, just as if she were a tiny human, was a baby pacifier.

Shocked, TikTokers in the comments asked Peggy where she could have found the pacifier.

“I think she just found it on the ground!” was the reply.

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‘Unbelievably adorable…’

TikTok users from around the world shared their delight.

“How precious!! 🥺🥺,” one user wrote.

“I love this so much,” commented another.

“That is unbelievably adorable,” another comment read.

“I was not expecting that,” laughed one user.

Meanwhile, the footage is a good reminder to pet owners to keep an eye out while they’re taking a stroll with their dog. You never know what they may pick up and pop in their mouths along the way.

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