Blac Chyna's Hairstylist Dishes on the Dreadlocks That Have the Internet Buzzing

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Blac Chyna's loc wig, in all its glory. (Photo: @Kellonderyck)
Blac Chyna’s loc wig, in all its glory. (Photo: @Kellonderyck )

Blac Chyna had folks on the Internet gushing over her latest hairstyle an eye-catching crop of platinum blond faux locs, which is actually a wig expertly styled by Kellon Deryck, the soon-to-be Kardashian’s hairstylist. The piece was made in collaboration with Deryck and Aaliyah, one of the braid specialists at the Kellon Deryck salon in Atlanta.

The perfectly blended wig had us wondering just how Deryck got it to look so real. So we asked the hair guru to spill the deets on how the dreadlock extensions were crafted and modified to become the beauty look that’s been shared all over Instagram — and for which he says he has since gotten at least 12 requests from mainstream celebrities to re-create.

Yahoo Beauty: How did you come about styling Chyna with this look?

Kellon Deryck: The loc wig is something that we’ve done before in the salon. Basically, I braided a wig and made sure it was the desired color we needed. I had one of my stylists actually use the faux locs technique. She turned the braids into the loc look. After that, I played with the hairline to make sure it looked very natural by removing and adding hairs to it and customizing it to Chyna’s face. That’s a technique that we call the Flawless Illusion. That’s just making the hairline look very natural over at the Kellon Deryck salon. The style was very simple. I did a topknot bun, half-up, half-down — something fun and easy for the evening.

Explain what Flawless Illusion is.

Flawless Illusion started as just a brand. It was the hair line of extensions, wigs, frontals, and closures. I started off just selling those extensions, but then people were asking how I installed them so beautifully. I went on tour for a year to all major cities and states in the U.S. and taught the technique called the Flawless Illusion. It started trending. If you hashtag #flawlessillusion, you’ll see people using these techniques that I’ve taught nationally and internationally. It’s pretty cool how it took over the Internet for a little bit when it was really just supposed to be the hair company’s name.

How long did it take to make the wig?

The wig took about two days to make. It took about five hours to make the wig and to actually turn it into the locs. I had Aaliyah do that, and it took her about a day and a half.

Killed it @blacchyna

A photo posted by Kellon Deryck (@kellonderyck) on Dec 12, 2016 at 6:07pm PST

Is this a look Chyna requested or were you just like, “Let’s try this”?

I mentioned it to her before. She pretty much lets me have creative direction when it comes to the look that she wants. She’s very opinionated, but if it sounds like a good idea, she’s all for it. That’s something we discussed once before, but I just kind of surprised her and brought it to L.A.

What are the benefits of having a wig like this with regards to protecting one’s hair?

[Chyna] has extremely long hair. It’s down to the middle of her back. With her getting that type of style on her hair, she would be sitting there for the hours that we put in making that unit. Between breastfeeding her baby, taking care of the new house, and a relationship — it’s too much for her to sit down and get her hair done for that long. And, again, it’s a very protective hairstyle because you can simply wear your hair in four to six flat braids to the back, put a stocking cap on, and literally pop the wig on like a hat.

Locs seem to be trending right now.

Locs are trending right now. You see people like Rihanna wearing them; you see them on the runway. With the wig option, I think that it’s easier to get on the trend faster. I actually myself even have some loc extensions in my hair, and I’m rocking them for a couple weeks to get used to them and see if it’s something I want to do — it’s not. Trends change all the time.

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