The Bizarre Reason Why A 65-Foot Hot Dog Is In Times Square

hot dog times square
A 65-Foot Hot Dog Is In Times / TikTok

New York City's Times Square is home to some pretty strange sites and characters, but a new addition to the area really has people scratching their heads.

Anyone who's visited Times Square in the past few days has been treated to a gigantic 65-foot-long hot dog sculpture. The enormous hot dog rests inside of an equally huge bun and includes a drizzle of mustard on top. As if the oversized wiener wasn't weird enough on its own, it rises into the air every day at noon and shoots confetti. Watch it in action:

The mega-frankfurter is a sculpture by Brooklyn-based artists Jen Catron and Paul Outlaw, and it's meant to pay tribute to everything that hot dogs symbolize. While speaking with The Art Newspaper, Catron shed more light on the meaning of the artwork.

“The history of the hot dog and how it’s made, how it got to where it is today, it really is an American story, for better and often for worse—from the people who make it and the people who sell it to the people who eat it and the people who profit off it," she said. "Everything is wrapped up together in this item that is also fun and silly—but you start digging in and it starts getting a little darker.”

For those lucky enough to find themselves in Times Square this spring, there are a few fun events taking place at the hog dog sculpture, including a qualifier for Nathan’s Famous International Hot Dog Eating Contest and a "hottest dog" canine beauty pageant. The hot dog sculpture will be in Times Square until June 13.

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