How your birth order affects your personality

the scientific community and general public have been fascinated with figuring out whether there are legitimate effects based on a person’s position among siblings.The AsapSCIENCE TikTok account, hosted by Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown, dove into the psychology behind birth order.“Firstborns typically have higher academic success,” Moffit said. “[They have a] stronger sense of responsibility and maturity, and better leadership skills”.“Cooperative, flexible and sociable,” Moffit said to describe middle siblings. “They tend to make friends really easily. They tend to be less competitive and ambitious”.“Last borns are typically charming, likable and more creative,” Moffit said. “They have a really strong sense of security and confidence”.Only children "tend to be academically able and resourceful, creative, more mature — but you hate disorder and you like to be in control,” Moffit said.“Never feel bound by these labels!” AsapSCIENCE left in the comments section of the video.The birth order theory stems from psychotherapist Alfred Adler. The personality traits came from how their parents treated each child

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