Bird's Funny Reaction to Mom Asking Him to 'Be Quiet' Has People in Stitches

This parakeet is anything but quiet!

Hamlet the parakeet is already a bit of a TikTok icon, but his hilarious, sassy behavior is earning him Internet fame yet again. The video in question stars him and his human mom, @chantyb97, as the two debate the current volume of their conversation. Here's the TLDR: this bird doesn't want to be quiet!

As much as we got a kick out of Hamlet's sass from the get-go, we nearly lost it when he broke out in his version of song. Clearly, nothing will silence his voice!

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LMAO! Is there any sound this bird can't make? From his impersonation of a car alarm to the classic 'what doing?' everything that comes out of this parakeet's mouth makes us smile.

"'I am quiet… very quiet AHAHAHAHAAA!!!'" quoted @hackerquiacker. That was clearly the highlight of the video. Watching his mom break out laughing made us laugh, too! Clearly, like @susanbacon20 said, "Ringnecks do not have a quiet volume level lol." No, no they do not!

Still, we admire this bird mama's effort. We'd imagine getting Hamlet to be quiet would be "like a drunk person trying to be quiet." @Dubdubblerhoades hit the nail on the head with that comparison. Even so, we think a loud parakeet is a lot more fun than a loud person--but maybe that's just us!

"The car alarm sound" was also a crowd favorite according to @anna1995x. It makes us wonder what other sounds this colorful guy can make!

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