Billie Eilish’s New Song Is All About That Moment You Realize Your Ex Is a ‘Lost Cause’

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Whether you’re going through a breakup or pining over someone new, be prepared for these Billie Eilish “Lost Cause” lyrics to feel very relatable—maybe even a little too relatable.

The 19-year-old singer’s latest single “Lost Cause” was released alongside an accompanying music video on Wednesday, June 2. The track marks the fourth single off of Billie’s upcoming sophomore album, Happier Than Ever, which is set for release on July 30. In it, Billie sings indifferently about a crappy ex, realizing this person “ain’t nothin’ but a lost cause.” The seven-time Grammy winner goes on to prove she’s no longer yearning for someone who isn’t nearly as interested in her: “I used to wish you were mine,” she sings, “But that was way before I...

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