Billie Eilish Sneakily Shared a PDA Photo of Her and Boyfriend Jesse Rutherford at Easter

Billie Eilish posted a gallery of photos from the Easter celebration she spent with her family—and she subtly let the world know that her 31-year-old boyfriend, Jesse Rutherford, joined them. Rutherford's hand appears in the second photo in her Instagram carousel. His hand, with its giveaway “love” tattoo, sits on the 21-year-old singer's mesh tights. Eilish wore a stunning floral off-the-shoulder dress in the pics. She captioned the gallery with just emojis: “💐🌻🌷🌸🌈”

billie eilish's boyfriend's hand on her leg
jesse rutherford's love tattoo on his hand
Jesse Rutherford’s love tattoo on his hand, the same one that appears in Eilish’s photo above.Getty Images

Eilish has spoken a little about her relationship with Rutherford, calling him her dream guy. “Yeah, I do [have a boyfriend now],” she told Vanity Fair in October. “And it’s really cool, and I’m really excited, and I’m really happy about it. I managed to get my way to a point in my life where I not only was known by a person that I thought was the hottest f*cking f*cker alive, but pulled his ass. Are you kidding me? Can we just—round of applause for me? Thank you. Jesse Rutherford, everyone! I pulled his ass—all me! I did that shit. I locked that motherf*cker down.”

Eilish shared a little more detail about their relationship when discussing her preferred love language. “My whatever they say love language is just physical touch,” she began. “I just need to be touching skin all the time. Touching and cuddling and hugging and anything skin-related is really a big thing for me. And other than that, just like freedom. You know, I don’t wanna be controlled. I wanna be trusted, and I wanna be able to have space, and I want love and attention, and equal admiration is really important. I just am really inspired by this person [Rutherford], and you know he’s inspired by me. It’s really cool.”

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