Billie Eilish Says She Deleted All Social Media From Her Phone: ‘I Don't Look at It Anymore’

Billie Eilish has taken a step back from social media, removing all the apps from her phone. She explained the decision to Conan O'Brien on his podcast Conan O'Brien Needs a Friend, calling it a “huge deal,” per Entertainment Tonight.

“I don't look at it [social media] anymore. I've deleted it all off my phone,” she started. Eilish said she “grew up in the perfect time of the internet when it wasn't so internet-y that I didn't have a childhood.”

Things changed when she entered adolescence. “When I became a preteen there were iPhones, and then I got a little older and there was all of what [the internet] has become,” she said. “Being a preteen and a teenager on the internet, those were my people. I was one of them. I was one of those people on the internet. And then to, within myself, feel like nothing changed, that I'm doing what I've always done and... to just keep doing what I do over the years, and slowly the videos I'm watching and the things I see on the internet are about me. I'm like, ‘Ew! Stinky! I don't like that.’”

Eilish added that it “freaks” her out a bit “how gullible it [the internet] makes you.”

“Anything I read on the internet I believe. Me! And I know for a fact that's stupid and I shouldn't do that because I have proof that it's not all true. Almost none of it's true,” she admitted. “It's, like, little things, small white lies that goes over everybody's head, but everyone believes.” Eilish discussed her decision more in her podcast interview with O'Brien and her brother Finneas. Listen below:

Eilish, by the way, isn't the only celebrity who has recently discussed removing social media apps from her phone. Selena Gomez spoke to Vanity Fair about why TikTok is the only platform she has on her phone and how she has had her assistant post to her other platforms for years now.

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