Billie Eilish’s Quote About Her ‘Persona’ Still Fails to Credit Black Artists For Inspiring It

Jenzia Burgos

Who else did a doubletake at Billie Eilish’s fashion and “trapped persona” quote? The 18-year-old pop star was interviewed for a new British GQ profile, published on June 4, where she opened up about her real reason for wearing “baggy clothes.” We’ll get into what she said in full in a second, but let’s just say first that Billie’s explanation warrants a necessary conversation about her continued costuming of Black culture—from her hip-hop tracksuits and Cuban link chains, to her long acrylics and accent.

The “everything i wanted” singer has already opened up about her fashion choices in the past. In May 2019, she admitted she prefers to wear “baggy clothes” to avoid comments about her body and appearance. “That’s why I wear baggy clothes,” she said in a Calvin Klein ad at...

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