Billie Eilish causes uproar online with sneaker optical illusion: 'The whole internet is gaslighting me'

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It’s been five years since “The Dress” divided the internet, and now another optical illusion is here to drive you mad — this time courtesy of Grammy award-winner Billie Eilish.

During an Instagram Q+A on Oct. 17, a fan asked Eilish which team she was on during the infamous dress debate: blue and black, or white and gold?

Eilish’s answer was neither. According to the singer, the dress was blue and gold — and even though she was aware that scientists had proven that it was actually blue and black, she refused to believe it. She even digitally grabbed the colors of the dress from the photo to prove that she was right and everyone else was wrong.

This question led Eilish to go on a rampage about a similar debate that’s been raging on in her household.

Eilish revealed that she has a pair of Nike Air More Uptempos that look both pink and white and green and white, depending on whom you ask.

In an exasperated tone, Eilish shared that her dad thinks the shoes are pink and white, even though they are clearly green and white. She assumed fans would agree with her — but she was sorely mistaken.

When Eilish showed off the Nikes, the majority of fans agreed with her dad, noting that the shoes looked pink and white. Eilish was furious.

“I’ve come to the conclusion that you guys just don’t know your sneakers at all,” she said at one point on her Instagram Stories. “The people that agree with me, because they know what the f*** the shoe looks like, are all people that are sneakerheads … I don’t care what you think they look like, I care what they are!”

“I’m still pressed about this,” she continued. “The whole internet is gaslighting me.”

As Eilish noted in her Instagram Story, the shoes are actually green, even though many people refuse to believe it (and still don’t). Like I said, it’s the dress all over again.

“Billie eilish can fight me idc!!” one person said. “I’m not the one who bought pink and white sneakers!! Why is she yelling at me over them!!”

“Billie Eilish’s blue sneakers … I only see pink, in all angles,” another added. “Is something wrong with my vision?”

What colors do you see?

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