Billie Eilish loses Instagram followers over viral challenge

Billie Eilish, a Grammy-winning artist with more than 70 million Instagram followers, has quite the fan base. Unfortunately, she upset more than a handful of them with her latest post. The 19-year-old participated in the viral “post a picture of” Instagram trend in which followers can request to see certain photos. In one prompt, a fan asked Eilish to show off her phone’s lock screen, and she did — it was a nude drawing of two women. According to an Instagram post from model Tout d’Llou, Eilish’s lock screen is a painting of her and Fox Chalker by David Cheifetz. When Eilish was asked to share a drawing she was proud of, she also shared a collage of several naked bodies and snakes, along with the caption “lol I love boobs”. After sharing those two images, Eilish appeared to lose more than 100,000 Instagram followers, slipping from 73 million to 72.9 million. Eilish didn’t seem bothered by the initial loss. She took a screenshot of her fan’s tweet about the incident, shared it to her story and wrote, “LMFAOOO. Y’all babies SMH”